0 Oprah's Incredible! World's Tallest Dog on a Chocolate Set

Guinness World Record, Giant George, tallest dog
Meet Giant George! Standing 3'7" tall, this Great Dane is the official "Tallest Living Dog" and "Tallest Dog Ever".
The Oprah Winfrey Show, Godiva chocolate
The Oprah Winfrey Show set made entirely of Godiva.
[Photo Credit: Oprah.com]
I must confess that I DVR The Oprah Winfrey Show every day so I can watch it after work—she's fantastic and I wish that I could hang out/go to lunch with her and Gayle.

Monday's episode was entitled "That's Incredible!" and certainly presented a few, "OMG Did you see Oprah today-worthy" segments.

First of all, Oprah's set was built entirely out of Godiva chocolate. Done. Just end it there. From the fireplace and the chandeliers, to the table, chairs and even paintings on the walls, the whole thing was edible and built of sweet chocolate-y goodness. It's like the woman reads my mind before I think the thoughts. Ingenious.

Then came Giant George—the "Tallest Dog Ever" and "Tallest Living Dog" according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The four-year-old Great Dane weighs in at a whopping 245 pounds and measures an astounding 7'3" lengthwise. George sleeps on his own queen size bed and every month he chows down on $250-300 worth of dog food and treats (but not Oprah's chocolate set). You can follow the big pooch on Twitter @GiantGeorgeAZ.

Finally, there were the talented guest artists. Speed-painter Rob Surette created an entire portrait in under 2 minutes. And artist George Vlosich spends up to eighty hours creating portraits on his Etch A Sketch (I wonder what happens if the screen shakes while he's still working? Or if he screws up, how does he fix it?). As an artist I was completely wowed by these talented gentlemen.

Here's a video of George (the artist, not the dog) in action:

Oprah, please don't retire—you're incredible!

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