0 NPR Sunday Puzzle: Dec. 4, 2011

Will Shortz, NPR Sunday Puzzle
Here's the solution to last week's NPR Sunday Puzzle (Nov. 27):

Answer: There are multiple answers to this challenge, including: blare → blasé, charm → chasm, gents → genus, kilns → kilos, mints → minus, torts → torus, etc.
NPR Sunday Puzzle for Dec. 4:
Name a style of music. Change the middle letter to a B, and you'll name a style of cooking. What are the style of music and the style of cooking? (There are several ways to spell the cooking style, but the answer is one of them.)
Submit your answer to NPR for a chance to be on next week's broadcast and be sure to visit Jenny's Noodle next Sunday to see the correct answer!

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