0 Giant Yellow Teddy Bear Takes Manhattan

 Photo credit: Reuters/Cary Whittier
Be on the lookout for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man ginormous yellow teddy bear if you're traveling to NYC during the next month.
ArtDaily reports:

A 23-foot high, bronze teddy bear slumped under a black bedside lamp will be on display for five months in midtown Manhattan [in the plaza of the Seagrams Building on Park Avenue] from next week and be a highlight of the [Christie's] Post-War Contemporary sale on May 11.

The 35,000 pound sculpture, Untitled (Lamp/Bear), is the work of New York-based Swiss artist Urs Fischer.
Winnie-the-Pooh's long lost cousin will have button-shaped eyes, each one wider than a typical coffee table, and the 5-foot-wide lamp he's propped up against will light up at night.

Christie's expects the sculpture to fetch more than $10 million at auction — for those of you interested in sprucing up your giant lawn ornament collection this spring season.

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