0 'The Bather' in the World's Largest Tub?

The Bather, Die Badende, Hamburg
Measuring 13 feet high by 98 feet wide, "Die Badende" ("The Bather") is soaking in what may be the world's largest bathtub. The giant sculpture was installed this week in Hamburg, Germany's Alster Lake.

"Die Badende will become a landmark of the city for the short time she's with us," explained the sculpture's creator Oliver Voss. "Hamburg and the water belong together. People live by, and off, the water. My team and I wanted to demonstrate this relationship in a fun and entertaining way. We also hope she will encourage more people to rediscover and experience our city by the water – after all, if the Inner Alster is the living room of Hamburg, of course someone should make themselves comfortable in it!"

Truthfully, this "lady of the lake" immediately reminded me of not exactly a "lady," but this person. Am I right, or am I right?!

(via PR Newswire)

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