0 NPR Sunday Puzzle: Nov. 6, 2011

Will Shortz, NPR Sunday Puzzle
Here's the solution to last week's NPR Sunday Puzzle (Oct. 30):

Answer: PATTI LABELLE (singer) - P, I (first name) and L, E (last name) → AT&T (company) + A BELL(logo)
NPR Sunday Puzzle for Nov. 6:
Take 15 coins. Arrange them in an equilateral triangle with one coin at the top, two coins touching below, three coins below that, then four, then five. Remove the three coins at the corners so you're left with 12 coins. Using the centers of the 12 coins as points, how many equilateral triangles can you find by joining points with lines?
Submit your answer to NPR for a chance to be on next week's broadcast and be sure to visit Jenny's Noodle next Sunday to see the correct answer!

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