0 Life in Five Seconds: Vincent Van Gogh

life in five seconds, the shining
In our jet-fueled, caffeine-induced, celebrity-a-minute world, who actually has the time to learn a thing or two?

C’mon, let’s face it, life’s too bloody short. What you need is instant knowledge.

"Life in Five Seconds" takes 200 world events, inventions, great lives, places, animals and cultural icons that you really need to know about, and then, hey presto!, cuts away all the useless details. The Last Supper, Lady Gaga, the moon landings, the Mona Lisa, the invention of electricity, Ikea, the Berlin Wall, celebrity chefs and everything in-between.
"Five seconds? Then how come the video timer shows 20 seconds?" the skeptic thinks to herself. Oh right, bumpers. Just watch.

p.s. Happy 160th Birthday, Vincent!

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