0 New Study: We All Look Like Crap By Friday

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Do you find yourself caring most about your appearance on Mondays, then letting yourself go as the week goes on? Well, you're not alone. According to a recent study:

"On average, women spend 76 minutes getting ready on Mondays -- with almost a third of that spent on their hair -- 18 minutes on make-up, 16 minutes trying on different combinations of clothes and the rest taken up by showering and washing.

This is reduced to 40 minutes on Tuesdays and continues to decline as the week goes on, falling to 19 minutes on Fridays

Men too let their standards suffer with each passing day [...] They take 28 minutes on Monday, half that on Tuesday and 11 for the rest of the week."

And on the weekend we're all just no-makeup-pajama-wearing slobs. (Just me?)

[via Yahoo!News]

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