0 Where's Waldo? In Dublin, Of Course!

Where's Waldo, Where's Wally, world record, Dublin
Can you spot Waldo in the photograph above? It shouldn't be too difficult!

Wearing his signature red and white striped shirts, matching hats and dark-rimmed glasses, a total of 3,657 fans showed up in Dublin this weekend to break the Guinness World Record for the most Waldos in one location.

Where's Waldo (or Wally, as he's known in the British version) is a popular children's book created by British illustrator Martin Handford. The first book was published in 1987, and I'm pretty certain that at some point as a kid I found all of the hidden objects in every book of the entire series (and the Where Are They? series as well).
Did you know? Around the world, Waldo is known by a variety of names:
British - Wally, Hindi – Hetti, German – Walter, Hungarian – Vili, Icelandic – Valli, Croatian – Jura, Danish – Holger, Estonian – Volli, French – Charlie

(via Guardian)

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