0 Toastie Knife, the Heated Butter Knife

This may be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The breakfast dilemma of trying to spread cold butter straight from the fridge onto toast in the morning has been voted into Britain's top five breakfast annoyances — and Warburtons, the family baker, has created the Toastie Knife to help with this breakfast dilemma.

Reaching an optimum spreading temperature of 41.8 degrees Celcius in under 30 seconds, the Toastie Knife allows you to spread fridge-cold butter straight onto toast.

Too bad it's just a prototype.

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0 Can You Solve the World's Hardest Sudoku Puzzle?

Arto Inkala, world's most difficult sudoku

A Finnish mathematician named Arto Inkala claims he's created the world's hardest sudoku puzzle. On a scale of one to five stars (with five being the most difficult), Inkala claims this puzzle would score an eleven.

Can you solve it?

Here's the answer. Don't cheat!

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0 Ghetto 'Beauty and the Beast'

It's like a "Beauty and the Beast" meets "Friday" mash-up.

Special guest appearance at 4:04. Weeeeell, ooooobviously.

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0 Super Mario 3-D Chalk Time Lapse

Another day, another "super" time lapse video.

In case you're wondering, that's the Boston Pops excellent version of the Super Mario theme.

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0 Can You Live Through THE TEST?

I second-guessed myself and the killer got me. How did you do?

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0 'Starry Night' Created By Dominoes

Recreating Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" — an estimated 7,000 dominoes, over 11 hours.

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0 Behind the Scenes at a McDonald's Photo Shoot

Why do McDonald's hamburgers always look so much more delicious in ads than in person? We've all asked ourselves the same question. The marketing director of McDonald's Canada lets us in on the secret.

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0 Funny Ads: Happy Father's Day, from Durex

Durex ad, Father's Day
Credit: Durex
From a 2001 ad campaign, but still brilliant.

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0 Comic of the Day: Unsavoury Characters

Humourous Brits.

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0 Jimmy Fallon Presents: The Evolution of Dad Dancing

Jimmy Fallon, master of impressions, nails it again!

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0 If Popular Social Networks Were Fathers

social networks, Father's Day
Yeah, pretty much.

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0 Behind the Design: The Kikkoman Soy Sauce Bottle

From the tables of Chinese restaurants to the "Asian" aisle of the supermarket, the Kikkoman bottle, with its red cap and simple gold text, is the standard go-to in soy sauce.

But where did the bottle get its original design?

It took three years for [designer Kenji] Ekuan and his team to arrive at the dispenser’s transparent teardrop shape. More than 100 prototypes were tested in the making of its innovative, dripless spout (based on a teapot’s, but inverted). The design proved to be an ideal ambassador. With its imperial red cap and industrial materials (glass and plastic), it helped timeless Japanese design values — elegance, simplicity and supreme functionality — infiltrate kitchens around the world.

The Kikkoman soy sauce dispenser was introduced in 1961 and has been in continuous production ever since.

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0 25 Years of the GIF (as in JIF)

GIF 25th anniversary, CompuServe
Credit: Mr. GIF
The GIF (graphics interchange format) was first introduced by CompuServe on June 15, 1987.

Contrary to popular belief, the correct pronunciation of the word GIF is with a soft J sound, not a hard G — as in "Choosy developers choose GIF," à la JIF peanut butter.

But does anyone actually pronounce it correctly? I've never once heard it said that way. In fact, I'm fairly certain most people will give you strange looks of confusion if you say it like that.

In honor of its 25th birthday, here's PBS Off Book with more on the GIF.

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0 Coming Soon: Pizza Vending Machines

Imagine having fresh pizza, cooked to perfection, with a choice of three toppings – in less than three minutes!

As far as sales tactics, the slutty nurse outfit is obviously unnecessary. I mean it's a friggin' PIZZA VENDING MACHINE! We're already in! Let's Pizza!

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0 Burger King's Bacon Sundae Goes National

Burger King Bacon Sundae
Credit: AP/Burger King
The sweet and savory dessert features the rich and creamy vanilla BK® soft serve, drizzled with chocolate fudge, caramel and topped with bacon crumbles, complete with a thick-cut, hardwood smoked bacon garnish.

The Burger King Bacon Sundae contains 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar.

As of Thursday, this is a reality.

Hold the bacon and they're onto something.

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0 The Oatmeal v. FunnyJunk

BearLove Good. Cancer Bad. The Onion v. FunnyJunk
Credit: The Oatmeal
Matthew Inman, of The Oatmeal, and lawyer Charles Carreon, representing FunnyJunk, are embroiled in an internet war of words. And comics.

You can catch up on the back-story by clicking here, here and here.

It's an interesting debate over copyright infringement on the internet, and an entertaining read.

From everything I've read so far, including this update, I can't fathom how anyone can be Team FJ.

But decide for yourself.

And finally, if you're so inclined, donate to BearLove Good. Cancer Bad.

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0 10 Bets You Will Never Lose

Imagine you're:

1. Hanging out with a random mix of friends and need to break the awkward ice;
2. Broke and wanting to make some quick cash; or
3. At the bar and tired of relying on the same cheesy pick-up lines.

Try one of these tricks...

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0 Twitter Unveils its New Logo

twitter bird logo
The old Twitter bird Larry (left) vs the new logo (right).
It might surprise you to learn that the Twitter bird used to have a name — "Larry."

Yes, after that Larry.

The company unveiled its new logo this week, explaining:

Our new bird grows out of love for ornithology, design within creative constraints, and simple geometry. This bird is crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles — similar to how your networks, interests and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends. Whether soaring high above the earth to take in a broad view, or flocking with other birds to achieve a common purpose, a bird in flight is the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility.

What should they name the new Twitter bird? "Big," perhaps?

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0 Patriotic Snow Cone Cupcakes

cupcakes, american flag, snow cone
Credit: Bakerella/Flickr
Those look just like snow cones, right? But they're not! They're actually snow cone cupcakes - a cute, patriotic dessert option for July 4th. The "ice crystals" are created by sprinkling colored sugar over the three colors of frosting.

> Get the recipe at Bakerella

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0 Suggested Alternatives to Buying Tickets for a Nickelback Concert

nickelback, boise weekly, josh gross

I remember the outrage when it was announced that Nickelback would perform during halftime at last year's Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving game.

You can spend $45 to go see Nickelback this week. 

Or you could buy 45 hammers from the dollar store, hang them from the ceiling at eye level and spend an evening banging the demons out of your dome.

Those folks need to write thank you notes to Boise Weekly's Josh Gross.

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0 800 Posts, and Counting...

welcome back mat

Jenny's Noodle has returned!

After a short break, here I am, back again, with posting #800!

Thanks for sticking around - enjoy!

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