0 Hello Flo's Adorable Tampon Ad

hello flo logo

Attention Ladies! 

Hello Flo is a newly-launched subscription service for your time of the month. The company delivers packages filled with tampons, pads and candy so you're always prepared to deal with your "Red Vag Badge of Courage."

Or as the little girl in their cute ad exclaims: "It's like Santa—for your vagina!"

Now this is the way to market feminine hygiene products. Period.

0 How Geeky Are You?

how geeky are you quiz
How geeky are you?

Do you know your Hubble from your Hubba Bubba? Do you think a transistor is a female Transformer? Find out if you’re a top techie or leading Luddite.

Take the How Geeky Are You Quiz

Turns out, I'm 95% geeky. Guess I should be off solving quadratic equations and whatnot.

0 'Van Gogh Shadow' Brings the Artist's Paintings to Life (Video)

Filmmaker Luca Agnani has added digital animation and lighting effects to 13 artworks by Vincent van Gogh. The results are subtle, yet beautiful, bringing the artist's imaginary world of paintings to life, right before our eyes.

(via VVV)

0 Leonardo da Vinci's Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

Art + Food. Upon visiting Jenny's Noodle, my passion for these subjects quickly becomes obvious. So it was interesting to learn that Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci and I have more in common than I ever realized.

From one of the artist's notebooks:

Page from a notebook of
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
If you want to be healthy observe this regime:

Do not eat when you have no appetite and dine lightly, chew well, and whatever you take into you should be well-cooked and of simple ingredients.

He who takes medicine is ill advised. Beware anger and avoid stuffy air.

Stay standing a while when you get up from a meal. Make sure you do not sleep at midday.

Let your wine be mixed with water, take little at a time not between meals, nor on an empty stomach.

Neither delay nor prolong your visit to the toilet.

If you take exercise, let it not be too strenuous. Do not lie with your stomach upward and your head downward.

Be well covered at night, and rest your head and keep your mind cheerful.

Avoid wantonness and keep to this diet.
—Leonardo da Vinci, 1515
Surprisingly, good bathroom habits were of importance even way back in the 16th century!

In his personal library collection, da Vinci owned a single cookbook, Platina’s "On Right Pleasure and Good Health," considered to be the first printed cookbook. First published in Rome in 1470, the book focuses heavily on the dietary advantages of various foods and how to prepare them.

(via PBS)

0 KTVU News Very Wrongly Reports Asiana Pilot Names

Unbelievable. Bay Area station KTVU has issued an apology for this afternoon's broadcast, blaming their blunder on Sum Yung Gai at the NTSB. But the internet is just getting started.

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0 DIY Watermelon Grill with Fruit Kebabs

watermelon grill with fruit kebabs
What a cute idea for a summer centerpiece! Especially because I dislike watermelon; eating it, not looking at it. Consuming watermelon is like snacking on crunchy water—so slushy ice, basically—but then it also drips all over the place and is sticky. Plus seeds. No thanks. On the other hand, the kebab fruit looks tasty (exception = kiwi). So win, win.

> Instructions for DIY Watermelon Grill @ SheKnows

0 Ћ: A New Symbol for the Word "The"

paul mathis the symbol
Typing three letters requires SOOO much effort, doesn't it?

Thankfully Paul Mathis, a restaurateur from Melbourne, has designed a new symbol to save us all from wasting precious seconds of our lives.

Mathis created a new text character "Ћ" to represent the word "the"—the most commonly used word in the English language.
"The word 'and' is only the fifth-most used word in English and it has its own symbol – the ampersand," says Mathis. "Isn't it time we accorded the same respect to 'the'?"

The issue isn't just academic for Mathis. It's about efficiency.

"The main functionality of this is in the texting space," he says. Typing the symbol he has devised with a single keystroke will save time and – crucially, in the context of Twitter – two characters.

"The Benedictine monks developed the modern version of the ampersand in the Middle Ages, when they were hand-copying religious texts," Mathis says. "I'm not putting myself in the same league, but who knows – maybe in 500 years' time people will be amazed that there was a time when we didn't use 'th'."
At first, I really wanted to be all "W Ћ F?! This is totally ridiculous." But then I thought about it some more, and yeah, I would definitely use this. Be honest—you would too.

(via The Age)

0 Midnight Barcelona: A Timelapse Video

Will be back again to visit someday...

(via Laughing Squid)

0 Display of Pooleaf Pens Resembles a Pot of Grass Blades

pooleaf pens
Pooleaf pens—crappy name aside—are cleverly designed to resemble a cluster of grass blades when displayed together in a pot. The pens are available in three shades of green and crafted out of silicone.

At $5 per pen they're not exactly cheap, but probably less effort to keep "alive" than a desk plant. After all, who would have the nerve to steal one of these and then whip it out again, right there in the office?

(via Gizmodo)

0 The Empire State Building Lights Up for July Fourth

The [Empire State Building] LED tower light show, created by world-famous lighting design artist Marc Brickman, was designed and choreographed to the music curated by Usher for the fireworks.
In case you missed it!

(via esbnyc)

0 Optical Illusion: The American Flag

american flag optical illusion afterimage

1) Stare at the pink dot and count to 30. Do not move your eyes during this time—stare at the dot.

2) After you count to 30, immediately look at a blank white space, such as a wall or a piece of paper.

3) Enjoy seeing the American flag in its true colors.
Happy Fourth of July! It would be unpatriotic to not try this. And besides, it works.

(via Penny Press)

0 The Metropolitan Museum of Art Retires Its Iconic Admissions Buttons

metropolitan museum of art admissions buttons
Photo: The New York Times
I've got at least one of these museum buttons stashed away somewhere. It may be over 10 years old, but at the time I got it, I remember feeling like I should save it as a souvenir of my visit. I'm glad I did.
[In] 1971, the Metropolitan Museum of Art introduced a colorful piece of metal as its admission ticket, a tiny doodad that came to occupy a large place in the reliquary of New York City, along with Greek-themed coffee cups, I ♥ NY T-shirts and subway tokens.

Now the Met’s admission button will go the way of the token. Citing the rising cost of the tin-plate pieces and the flexibility of a new paper ticket system using detachable stickers, the Met will end the buttons’ 42-year run on [June 1], the same time it switches to a seven-day-a-week schedule instead of being closed on Mondays.

“I regret it slightly myself,” said Thomas P. Campbell, the museum’s director. “One of my assistants has a whole rainbow of the colored buttons on her desk.”
The good news: If you happen to be in NYC on a Monday, you won't have to hopelessly wander the streets in search of entertainment—the museum will now be open on Mondays, for the first time in 42 years.

(via NYTimes)

0 Happy Hump Day, from the Geico Camel

geico hump day camel commercial
Uh-oh! Guess what day it iiiiis?!


Huh? Anybody?

Waited all day for this camel from my favorite new commercial to appear in my office.


(via Geico)

0 Pizza Couture

anna wintour, vogue, pizza
Glasgow-based chef Domenico Crolla creates pizza masterpieces, featuring icons of fashion, art and celebrities.

"I think most chefs are naturally show offs with their food, or at least they should be," says Crolla. "I have always had an artistic eye for arranging my food nicely on a plate. After all, the customer eats with his eyes."

From Vogue's Anna Wintour to Christian Louboutin shoes to the Mona Lisa, Crolla's couture pizzas almost look too good to eat. Almost.

Christian Louboutin pizza
mona lisa, pizza
> Launch the gallery of couture pizzas by Chef Crolla

(via Fashionista)

0 Catflakes, Because the Internet

The purr-fect cure for boredom, it's Catflakes. Select your preferences, from a light dusting to a blizzard, blowing in from the east or the west. Because the internet.

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