0 The Slice a Recipe Cookbook

The "Slice a Recipe" cookbook was designed by Ogilvy & Mather for use in Bogota's Escuela de Cocina Carulla cooking school.

Slice a recipe. The cookbook to improve your cutting skills.

Students had to cut the book apart in order to see the recipes. They had to follow a thin cutting line, not an easy task the first time.

With each slice, they saw what to do in class, cut by cut. Improving their skills with each page.
A pretty clever design, any way you slice it.

(via Behance)

0 A Map of Corporate America

map of corporate america
I've always wanted to take a road trip across the United States. My tentative itinerary: get a taste of Pennsylvania, take a bite out of Minnesota, wash them down with Texas and end with a nightcap in Washington.

(via Maps on the Web)

0 Mosaic Photo Illusion

vlp terrain, bela borsodi, mosaic illusion
The image above appears to be four photographs put together into one mosaic, but it's actually a single photograph! Don't believe it?

The deceptive work of art was created by photographer Bela Borsodi for VLP's "Terrain" album cover.

Watch the video below to see how the optical illusion was achieved.

(via Bored Panda)

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