0 The $595 Damien Hirst Polka-Dotted Trash Can

damien hirst, vipp trash can, spot painting
"I’ve always loved colour, playing with colour, moving colours around.
Designing a Vipp bin using spots makes the Vipp bin joyful." –Damien Hirst

Cute and stylish? Yes. Practical? Not really.

Artist Damien Hirst, of formaldehyde preserved shark fame, has created a limited edition of Vipp trash cans in the style of his popular spot paintings.

Available in limited quantity from the Astrup Fearnley Museet, each can is just $595. That's right — almost $600 for a garbage can. The place where you throw used tissues and banana peels.

Seems like a perfect spot in which to waste one's disposable income.

(via Incredible Things)

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