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Art + Food. Upon visiting Jenny's Noodle, my passion for these subjects quickly becomes obvious. So it was interesting to learn that Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci and I have more in common than I ever realized.

From one of the artist's notebooks:

Page from a notebook of
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)
If you want to be healthy observe this regime:

Do not eat when you have no appetite and dine lightly, chew well, and whatever you take into you should be well-cooked and of simple ingredients.

He who takes medicine is ill advised. Beware anger and avoid stuffy air.

Stay standing a while when you get up from a meal. Make sure you do not sleep at midday.

Let your wine be mixed with water, take little at a time not between meals, nor on an empty stomach.

Neither delay nor prolong your visit to the toilet.

If you take exercise, let it not be too strenuous. Do not lie with your stomach upward and your head downward.

Be well covered at night, and rest your head and keep your mind cheerful.

Avoid wantonness and keep to this diet.
—Leonardo da Vinci, 1515
Surprisingly, good bathroom habits were of importance even way back in the 16th century!

In his personal library collection, da Vinci owned a single cookbook, Platina’s "On Right Pleasure and Good Health," considered to be the first printed cookbook. First published in Rome in 1470, the book focuses heavily on the dietary advantages of various foods and how to prepare them.

(via PBS)

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