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If you've ever visited a restaurant's website (hasn't everyone?), you must visit the new Tumblr — Never Said About Restaurant Websites.

This humorous site is imploring all restaurants to "Please stop obscuring your food with horrible websites." I agree.

Here are a few of my favorite gems from NSARW:

  • “Wow, how did you even create a 9MB PDF of a menu. That’s impressive. Congrats.” —A huge no one

  • “I don’t want the restaurant’s title to appear right away. I want to watch it slowly write itself out … in cursive.” —Nobody

  • “I log on more frequently since I know the menu is coming soon.” —Frickin’ Nobody

  • “I like when the music blasts as soon as the site loads. It signals to everyone at work that I am going out to eat!” —No one I know.

  • “I’m particularly partial to those restaurant websites where the background is dark (say, black), and so is the text (say, maroon)! It makes reading like a work-out for my eyes. Thanks for keeping my peepers strong, restaurant website!”
    —No one under any circumstance at any time ever

  • “Why would anyone want to skip this intro? I think I’ll watch it again.” —Zero people

  • “It was like the restaurant was reading my goddamned mind when the website cleared up whether or not it was open for brunch on labor day last year.” —Not a soul
Prepare to LOL.

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  1. We can only hope they'll serve as inspiration to all those restaurants with horrible, unusable, customer-offending sites.

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