0 The Recursive Pizza-Topped Pizza

Photo credit: John Riepenhoff
Hawaiian, veggie, meat lovers, macaroni and cheese, pepperoni, pesto pine nut—what's your favorite pizza topping? How about pizza, as in pizza topped with pizza? This extraordinary culinary creation was conceived by artist John Riepenhoff, and it's more than meets the eye...and the tummy...
Physical Pizza Networking Theory is meant to address the ontology of the social as material in art. Using mise en abyme to illuminate a relationship between the layers of material and our experience, and meta symbolic experience of pizza as a hearth, as meeting point, as cultural convergence, as party, as sculpture, as gift, as collage, as pie, and individuals as ingredients within pieces of a social pie adding up to something greater than their whole in a deliciously simple way. This work of art celebrates the event and temporal moments of art-as-happening, document, and experience.
A masterpiece after my own belly.

[via Serious Eats]

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