0 Jenny's Noodle = Alltop Fun!

Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass
Here's my fantastic, awesome, exciting news...

Jenny's Noodle has received an Alltop listing!!

You can now find Jenny's Noodle in the FUN category of Alltop. Yep. There I am. Right there next to a bunch of other beloved websites. Oh, you know, little sites like I Can Has Cheezburger, Laughing Squid and Funny or Die. Maybe you've heard of those? In other words, Jenny's Noodle is now listed amongst the most popular sites on the interwebs!

Perhaps you don't get out much and are asking yourself, "What is Alltop?" Please allow me to elucidate.

Created by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, Alltop's purpose is to help answer the question, “What’s happening?” in “all the topics” that interest you. It's sort of like an online magazine rack for the web. And most importantly — not everyone gets accepted! In fact, the process is highly selective, collecting the latest headlines from only the best sites and blogs (ahem, Jenny's Noodle!). Topic categories range from art to politics to sports. And don't forget fun!

Check me out at http://fun.alltop.com

Thank you to Alltop for recognizing the genius that is Jenny's Noodle!

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