0 26-Foot 'Forever Marilyn' Sculpture Draws Crowds in the Windy City

Marilyn Monroe sculpture, Chicago
Credit: phillyburbs.com
Even before "Forever Marilyn" got her finishing touches on Friday, the 26-foot sculpture of Marilyn Monroe had been attracting crowds.

The work was created by sculptor Seward Johnson and depicts the late actress in her most famous stance from the 1955 film "The Seven Year Itch."

The provocative sculpture was installed on Chicago's Magnificent Mile, at 401 N. Michigan Avenue in Pioneer Plaza.

“With Marilyn, we hope to rekindle an attitude and optimism from an era that this iconic figure represents – a time when we, as a nation and a people, were proud, productive, optimistic and self-assured, if a bit mischievous," said Paul Zeller, chief of Zeller Realty, the company that leased the sculpture. "We seek a return to American Exceptionalism, and trust Marilyn will propel our attitudes in the right direction.”

"Forever Marilyn" will be on display until spring 2012.

(via MyFoxChicago)

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