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Tweet Pie
How short is the world's shortest recipe?

In the new book, Tweet Pie: The Word's Shortest Recipe book, each recipe (or twecipe) is ultra-abbreviated into 140 characters — the allotted space for a Twitter posting (tweet).

Crowdsourced entirely from the Twitter community, the book contains 50 different recipes for everything from appetizers to desserts.

International twecipe expert @tinyrecipes Craig Dugas helped to select the final entries.

Sample twecipes include:

  • Spag Bol – Fry garl, onion, brwn mince+thyme, gls rd wine, tin toms, msrooms, sson, simr 40 min. Boil pasta 10 mins. Srv w/parmsn
  • Pizza toast – cheese, onion, chilli's tom purée oregano, pile on top of toast and place under grill, top with herbs.
  • Mug cake – Mix in a mug: 2T flour, 4t sugar, 1/4t baking powder, 2t cocoa, pinch salt, 2T milk, 1/4t vanilla, 3/4t oil. microwave 1 min
A glossary of Twitter abbreviations is in the back of the book to help readers decipher the shortened instructions.

Funded by Belling, the British cooker manufacturer, all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to FoodCycle.

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