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brownie recipe, Pentagon
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A highly-classified 26-page government document has been leaked over the internet: MIL-C-44072C, the Pentagon's recipe for brownies. The Pentagon has some pretty specific criteria for its baked goods and their ingredients, such as: "Whole eggs may be liquid or frozen and shall have been processed and labeled in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Inspection of Eggs and Egg Products (7 CFR Part 59)." Reportedly, those who have dared accept the mission to bake a batch describe the results as "dry, crumbly and dense." Not exactly crave-worthy, but these brownies need to hold up in the worst of conditions. A Department of Defense worker explained: "What would happen if you cooked a meal, stored it in a stifling hot warehouse, dropped it out of an airplane, dragged it through the mud, left it out with bugs and vermin, and ate it three years later?" Take that, Twinkies. [via NPR]

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