0 The McQueen-Inspired Gummy Bear Dress

Things you can do with mass quantities of gummy bears:

  1. Eat them all. Feel guilty afterward. 
  2. Squish them between your fingers as a stress reliever. 
  3. Create an Alexander McQueen-inspired dress.
Here's what option #3 looks like.

Alexander McQueen, gummy bear dress
According to TWELVMAG:

To create the masterpiece, steel wire was twisted into the shape of the dress and covered with a sheet of vinyl. Then 50,000 gummy bears were painstakingly glued on by hand in a colorful pattern reminiscent of a Chevron rainbow.

Taking three weeks to complete, the final dress was fitted exactly to MAJOR model Jessica Pitti's measurements. And weighing in at approximately 220 pounds, required the strength of three adults to move.

Pretty sweet, eh?

(via Racked)

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