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LEGO 80th birthday
All of us have built things with LEGO toys, and most of us have experienced stepping on LEGO bricks while barefoot, but how familiar are you with the LEGO company's unique history?

On August 10, 1932, Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Christiansen founded LEGO company in the city of Bellund, Denmark. The LEGO brand name itself emerged later, in 1934, from an abbreviation of the Danish phrase "LEG GODT," meaning "Play Well." According to LEGO, "the bricks can be combined in an endless variety of combinations in continuously new ways." For example, "For six bricks of the same color with 2 X 4 studs alone, there are 915 million combination possibilities. The imagination has therefore no boundaries."

Watch this cute animated video created for LEGO's 80th birthday to learn more:

(via LEGO)

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