0 Julia Child's 100th Birthday 'Keep On Cooking' Remix

"What makes a great chef? Well... training and technique of course,
plus a great love of food, a generous personality and the ability to invent
Hot Chocolate Truffles."
—JULIA CHILD (Aug. 15, 1912 – Aug. 13, 2004)

Julia Child's 100th Birthday, #CookForJulia, PBS
PBS is going all out to celebrate Julia Child's 100th Birthday because, in their words, "Julia Child was a beloved American icon who pioneered an entire genre of cooking shows and taught a generation of food lovers that cooking can be easy and enjoyable."

The best part of their #CookForJulia celebration may just be this "Keep On Cooking" remix, from the same folks who brought us Bob Ross "Happy Little Clouds."

Warning: Do not watch while under the influence of hunger. 

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