0 MTV Releases Alternate Ending to 'The Hills'

Remember when the camera slowly zoomed out... and we all realized that Brody was actually standing in front of a painted billboard—not the real Hollywood sign.

And we saw that he was surrounded by TV cameras. And a crew.


And so we proceeded to hurl our remote controls at our TV sets and collectively scream: "OMG IT'S FAKE?! It was fake THE WHOLE TIME?! WHAT THE HELL?!"

Three years later, MTV has finally released the less controversial alternate ending to "The Hills" that we never got to see. The ending that would've allowed us to remain contently delusional about the realness of reality TV. We see the same K-Cav farewell, but now *spoiler alert* a cameo by LC.

Get ready to feel the rain on your skin once again. Because no one else can feel it for you. Only you can let it in.

The alternate ending:

The original ending:

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