0 Google Doodle Honors Sculptor Constantin Brancusi

"The people who call my work 'abstract' are imbeciles... what they call 'abstract' is in fact the purest realism, the reality of which is not represented by external form but by the idea behind it, the essence of the work." —CONSTANTIN BRANCUSI (Feb. 19, 1876 – March 16, 1957)

Constantin Brancusi, Google Doodle
The Google doodle on February 19, 2011 honoring Constantin Brancusi.
Romanian-born French sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, was born 135 years ago today—go ahead and Google it!

The search engine is commemorating the occasion with one of their famous doodles featuring seven of the artist's most renowned sculptures (Prometheus, Leda, The Newborn, Sleeping Muse, Mademoiselle Pogeny, Bird in Space and The Kiss).

If you're not familiar with Brancusi's work, watch this:

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