0 World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle is a Tribute to Keith Haring

Photo credit: LATimes.com
Puzzle and toy company Ravensburger is making my dreams come true with the introduction of its biggest puzzle ever, the Keith Haring: Double Retrospect.
world's largest jigsaw puzzle, Keith Haring, Ravensburger
The world's largest puzzle, according to the Guinness Book of World Records — with an amazing 32,256 pieces — assembles to form a 17 x 6-feet masterpiece.

The puzzle weighs in at a hefty 42 lbs – and comes with its own hand truck for carting it home!

The puzzle includes 32 of Keith Haring's images, featuring the artist's signature bold colors and free-form designs, and is a must-have for serious puzzle and art enthusiasts. (via PRNewswire)
This shall be mine.

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