0 There's Something Fishy About This Aquarium

world's smallest aquarium, Anatoly Koneko
Photo credit: Curious, Funny Photos/Pictures
When I picture an aquarium, I imagine one of those huge glass monstrosities typically found in Chinese restaurants. I think of an array of ginormous neon colorful water creatures swimming around, some with spiked fins, others that resemble jellyfish and a few that could probably gnaw your hand off if it happened to slip into the water — at least, in my head. But then I read about this micro-masterpiece:
Just two teaspoons of water – that’s all that the world’s smallest aquarium can hold. It was created by a micro-miniature extraordinaire Anatoly Konenko, who hails from the Siberian city of Omsk. A glass cube measuring 30 by 24 by 14 mm, complete with sand, multi-coloured stones and seaweed can contain 10 ml of water and play home to tiny fish. But that’s not all – the mini-aquarium is equipped with a water purification filter. It took the skillful master about two weeks to fashion it. (via Voice of Russia)
Watch how it was created:

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