2 Movie Quiz: 80s and 90s Film Alphabet

How well do you know 80s and 90s movies? Here's a fun alphabet quiz, courtesy of UK designer Stephen Wildish. (Note: Unfortunately, the answers are not yet posted on his site.)

80s movies

90s movies
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2 Response to "Movie Quiz: 80s and 90s Film Alphabet"

  1. Anonymous says:

    1980s Film Alphabet

    A - Airplane
    B - Back to the Future
    C - Coming to America
    D - Dirty Dancing
    E - E.T.
    F - Flight of the Navigator
    G - Ghost Busters
    H - Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    I - Indiana Jones
    J - Jumpin' Jack Flash
    K - Karate Kid
    L - Labyrinth
    M - Mannequin
    N - Nightmare on Elm Street
    O - Octopussy
    P - Princess Bride
    Q - Q, The Winged Serpent
    R - Rambo
    S - Short Circuit
    T - Teen Wolf
    U - Untouchable
    V - Vice Versa
    W - Weird Science
    X - Xanadu
    Y - Young Blood
    Z - Zelig

    1990s Film Alphabet

    A - Austin Powers
    B - Bodyguard
    C - Cool Runnings
    D - Dumb and Dumber
    E - Edward Scissorhands
    F - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    G - Ghost
    H - Home Alone
    I - Interview with a Vampire
    J - Junior
    K - Kingpin
    L - Look Who's Talking
    M - Men in Black
    N - Nutty Professor
    O - Outbreak
    P - Pulp Fiction
    Q - Quiz Show
    R - Rocketeer
    S - Speed
    T - Toy Soldiers (?)
    U - Usual Suspects
    V - Very Bad Things
    W - Wayne's World
    X - X Files
    Y - You Got Mail
    Z - Zorro

    Anonymous says:

    T Trainspotting

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