0 One Million Dollars—No Steal for the Man of Steel

Action Comics 1, Superman
Action Comics #1 marked the 1938 comic book debut of Superman. [Image Credit: ComicConnect.com]
"Faster than a speeding bullet," on Monday a collector swiped up an extremely rare top-condition copy of Action Comics #1—the 1938 comic book debut of Superman—for the bargain price of $1 million. I knew I had a reason for tolerating my boyfriend's comic-filled boxes bogarting our closet space!

According to a statement on ComicConnect.com, the online auction/consignment site which sold the book, only about 100 copies remain in existence, and of those, only two have received a comparable "very fine" condition grading.

Seventy-two years ago Action Comics #1 sold for just 10 cents.

“It’s the single most important event in comic book history,” said Vincent Zurzolo, the company's co-owner and COO. In fact, ComicConnect.com says they received so much traffic following the record-breaking sale that their website crashed.

Spring will be here soon enough, it's about time I clean out our closets. (My bf won't notice one or two missing comic books...right?)

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