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Jenny's Noodle
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Welcome to Jenny's Noodle!
In case you're wondering, this blog won't actually be all about pasta (although that wouldn't be so terrible). This blog will, however, entertain you with very honest, opinionated humor on various topics including: pop culture, celebrities, movies, television, food, art, travel... and whatever else inspires Jenny on any particular day. Thanks for visiting!

About Jenny
Jennifer Tashman
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Jenny is a thirty-something gal, currently residing in Royal Oak, Michigan, with her husband and two kittens.

As a Digital Media Director and permanent resident of the internet, Jenny maintains so many blogs and social media profiles that she needs an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all. Okay, not really. But she does spend entirely too much time online, professionally and personally.

On rare occasions, Jenny breaks away from her computer to wear other hats, as a contemporary artist, baker of delicious treats and avid puzzler. In fact, you will never beat Jenny at any games, especially Jeopardy, Scrabble and/or Boggle.

Please keep grating or just go ahead and leave the shaker at the table—Jenny will never "say when" to parmesan cheese.

Need help with digital marketing, social media, blogging, SEO, copywriting, copy editing or crisis communications? Jenny is willing to share her years of expertise! For a small fee, of course. Email Jenny

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