0 Using Facebook for a Cause: Campaign to Find Teddy Bear's Owner

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I remember losing my doll Polly when I was a kid; fortunately I had just left her at the local drugstore and we were quickly reunited a few hours later.

But right now there's a child out there who isn't so lucky. Some little girl or boy's favorite threadbare stuffed teddy bear was mistakenly left at a seaside cafe in England. Liz Everett, owner of the Meare Shop and Tearoom, found the bear and is determined to locate its owner.

With Facebook recently reaching 500 million members, Everett is using the powerful social media platform to get the word out about the plush friend, who explains:
"I've lost my family.

We were having a lovely day by the seaside in Thorpeness, Suffolk, on Sunday 18th July. Then they left me behind.

If I belong to you, or you know my owner, please get in touch. I'm sure the person that owns me is very upset.

Please share this page and spread the word."
If you have any information about the owner of this cuddly bear, please visit the Facebook page I'm lost. Help me find my family

[via Mail Online]

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