0 The Japanese Easy Bake Oven, No Calories Included

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Photo credit: auction.woman.excite.co.jp
The Japanese have put a modern spin on one of my favorite toys—the Easy Bake Oven—and it's completely adorable! The latest craze in Japan is miniature non-edible food, created with teeny utensils and using a substance called konapun. Described as a "highly sophisticated Play-Doh," konapun is made from a seaweed extract called sodium alginate. And although you can't eat konapun, it is perishable so you only have a limited time in which to admire your creations. 

"RRcherrypie" has filmed a series of videos showing the magic of konapun, and once you visit her YouTube channel, you'll find yourself watching every one. From making spaghetti and hamburgers, to cakes, sushi, and doughnuts, she demonstrates it all. She also notes that there is no heat involved in the "cooking" process, rather it's just powder and water.

When will this toy arrive in the United States?!

[via Bon Appetit]

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