0 Personality Quiz: What Part of a Gingerbread Man Do You Eat First?

gingerbread cookies, Dunkin' Donuts
Photo credit: Food Network
As part of its annual holiday survey, Dunkin' Donuts asked more than 500 people:

"Which part of the gingerbread man cookie do you eat first?"
The results...

Head = 64%
If one chooses to bite the head first, it indicates an achievement-oriented individual, a natural leader, who won't take no for an answer.

Legs = 20%
Those who first choose the legs tend to be more sensitive, reveling in the company of others.

Arms = 16%
If the initial bite is the right hand, it reflects an individual who tends to be skeptical and pessimistic, while those who initially bite the left arm have a flare for creativity and are more extroverted.

(via Dunkin' Donuts)
I'm a leg girl. How about you?

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