0 Top 10 Yahoo! Searches of 2010

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"Since 2001, Yahoo! has been tallying up the top searches of the year, providing a snapshot of a culture in motion. Over the past decade, the No. 1 slot has been occupied by companies (music download service Kazaa), TV shows (American Idol), and celebrities (Britney Spears, often).

In 2010, some 631 million people checked in. Among the billions of queries they pursued, the story of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill led the year's top 10 — the first time that a news story has taken the No. 1 slot."

Top 10 Yahoo! Searches of 2010:

1) BP Oil Spill
2) World Cup
3) Miley Cyrus
4) Kim Kardashian
5) Lady Gaga
6) iPhone
7) Megan Fox
8) Justin Bieber
9) American Idol
10) Britney Spears
(via Yahoo!)
Sorry you didn't nab many slots, intellectual topics of any significance. Better luck next year.

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