0 Top Tweets and Twitter Trends of 2010

We've already seen the Top Search trends of 2010 from YouTube, Yahoo! and Google. And now, heeeeeeeere's the Year in Review from Twitter...

Twitter trends 2010
1) Gulf Oil Spill
2) FIFA World Cup
3) Inception
4) Haiti Earthquake
5) Vuvuzela
6) Apple iPad
7) Google Android
8) Justin Bieber
9) Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
10) Pulpo Paul
(Pulpo Paul, by the way, was the famous psychic octopus that made headlines for his predictions during the 2010 World Cup. Since when was that his/its name?)

And the Most Powerful Tweet of 2010 goes to...

Twitter, Ann Curry
Congratulations to "Good morning everyone, good morning" (aka TODAY's Ann Curry).

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