0 "AACK!" Farewell, Cathy

final Cathy comic strip, October 3, 2010
The final Cathy comic strip ran on October 3, 2010. Image credit: gocomics.com/Cathy Guisewite
After 34 years, Cathy, the comic strip drawn by Cathy Guisewite, ran for the last time on Sunday. Since she debuted in 1976, Cathy has appeared in some 12,000 strips, in over 1,400 newspapers, and featured in more than 20 books, all the while struggling through food, love, family and work. 

"I have loved doing this job so much. It's been such a great outlet for every anxiety. It's been a great way to connect with everybody. I've loved being able to get back at the swimwear industry, at the makeup industry and my mother occasionally," Guisewite told ABC.

"One of my proudest things is that I know how many refrigerators my comic has been stuck on and to be placed that close to people's food is the triumph of any artist."

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