0 Willy Wonka's Three-Course Gum Coming Soon

Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet Beauregarde, chewing gum
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Chew on this: Researchers have developed a technology that could be used to produce a gum just like the Willy Wonka version from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

"Tiny nanostructures within the gum would contain each of the different flavours," food scientist Professor Dave Hart told the Telegraph. These would be broken up and released upon contact with saliva or after a certain amount of chewing – providing a sequential taste explosion as you chew harder."

"Hi, Cornelia. How are ya, Sweetie?" he added.

No, the professor didn't really say that. But do you realize what this invention means? Simply chewing a piece of gum could turn into the enjoyment of a three-course meal of tomato soup, roast beef and a baked potato, and blueberry pie for dessert!

I'm getting all Violet Beauregarde about this and I may need to be squeezed soon, but it's pretty exciting. So many potential scenarios come to mind. For example, say there's some dude who asks you to dinner and you're just not into him. Instead of hurting his feelings, just hand him a piece of gum -- dinner is served! Oh yeah, and dieting? It pretty much becomes obsolete!

By now you're probably humming the Oompa Loompa song, so here it is. For old times.


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