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A team of three chefs, electricians, engineers and designers have created a spook-tacle at California's Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort -- a handmade haunted gingerbread house for the attraction's ballroom.

Every year since 2001, from Halloween through the Christmas season, the Haunted Mansion gets decked out with a new cake design. This year's cake motif is The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The "Haunted Mansion Tombstone Cake" measures six feet high by four feet wide. The scent of gingerbread is even piped into the guest corridor, and for the first time ever the confection will incorporate animated projections.

The creepy cake took:

• 3½ weeks and 213 hours to build
• 60 pounds of fondant
• 30 pounds of chocolate (used as glue)
• 50 pounds of royal icing
• 500 pounds of gingerbread

Here's some behind-the-scenes footage of the Disney team at work -- watch it if you dare!

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