0 10 Quack-tastic Facts About Donald Duck on His Birthday

Donald Duck, Disney character
[Image credit: Disney]
To celebrate the occasion, here are 10 quack-tastic facts about one of Disney's most popular characters:

1. Donald Duck made his formal debut in the June 9, 1934 film The Wise Little Hen (although he's mentioned in a 1931 storybook).

2. His middle name—Fauntleroy—was revealed in the 1942 short Donald Gets Drafted.

3. There have been 128 cartoons starring Donald Duck, and he appears in many others.

4. Donald Duck's famous voice was performed by actor Clarence "Ducky" Nash until his death in 1985; Tony Anselmo has since taken over.

5. Love interest Donna Duck first appeared in the January 9, 1937 cartoon short Don Donald. Her name was later changed to Daisy Duck in Mr. Duck Steps Out (June 7, 1940).

6. Huey, Dewey and Louie first appeared in the April 15, 1938 film Donald's Nephews.

7. Donald's dominant personality trait is his short temper and, in contrast, his optimism. It has been said that Mickey Mouse represents what we should be, while Donald Duck represents what we are.

8. Some of Donald's favorite phrases include: "What's the Big Idea!?"; "Aw Phooey!" and "Hiya, toots!"

9. Donald is the official mascot of The University of Oregon; in 1984, he was named an honorary alumnus of the school.

10. In 2005, Donald received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

[via Wikipedia; Disney]

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