0 Monet Seen From the Sky in Rouen

Rouen Cathedral, Claude Monet, Impressionist painting, Normandie Impressionniste Festival
Left: "La Cathédrale de Rouen, effet de soleil, fin de journée" (1892) by Claude Monet. | Right: A crowd of 1,250 in Rouen replicates Monet's famous cathedral painting. [Image credit: Festival Normandie Impressioniste | Photo credit: Fred Tanneau/AFP via Getty Images]
In the 1890s, Impressionist Claude Monet created a series of thirty paintings capturing the façade of the Rouen cathedral at different times of the day and year, tracing changes in its appearance under different lighting conditions. On Saturday, approximately 1,250 people gathered together, each holding an enlarged fragment of a reproduction of the masterpiece above their heads. The result was a 6,450-square-foot version of the painting. The potentially World Record-setting event kicked off the Normandie Impressionniste Festival, a showcase of Impressionist art running through September. Watch video from the event here

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