0 An Invention for the Wino on the Go

Wine Innovations, disposable glass, tulip goblet
The Tulip wine goblet. Photo credit: Wine Innovations
"Peel—>Enjoy—>Recycle" is the motto of creative packaging company Wine Innovations, makers of a disposable wine goblet called the Tulip.

Designed by inventor James Nash, these recyclable goblets resemble Jell-O cups with stems attached—but the substance contained in these glasses is not kid-friendly. Each cup holds about 6 ounces of Shiraz, Rose, or Chardonnay—the perfect amount for an impromptu picnic or a little after work relief for commuters. No corkscrew? No problem. Just tear off the lid and enjoy.

The Tulip is currently available only in the UK and Europe, and sells for $3.40 a glass. But Nash is hopeful for a U.S. distribution in the near future (and so am I!).

[via Daily Mail]

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