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Felissimo, colored pencils
Felissimo, colored pencils
Each of the 500 colored pencils has a creative name.
"It's about enjoying an unhurried creative process," says Felissimo, a Japanese company offering a colored pencil-of-the-month club.

It's every artist's dream. For around $20 per month, the recipient will receive 25 colored pencils every month for 20 months; a total of 500 comprise the final set. Like Jelly Bellys, each pencil has a unique hue with an inventive name, like Mermaid's Gown, Drizzly Afternoon and Pumpkin Pudding.

Felissimo says the beauty of 500 Pencils is that you don't receive all of them at once. The company urges artists to: "Express whatever you dream, with beautiful visual precision. Together, the colors suggest infinite possibilities."

Various options for showcasing the set are also offered, include aurora—a wall mounted display, and color wave.

Felissimo, colored pencils
Aurora wall display. [Photo credit: Felissimo]
Felissimo, colored pencils
Color wave display. [Photo credit: Felissimo]
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