0 Coloring the World One Community at a Time

Let's Colour Project, Adam Berg, Dulux Walls
A hillside in the center of Rio; just one location transformed by the Let's Colour Project. [Photo credit: Let's Colour]
"Grey is out. Gloom is gone. It’s time to live our lives in colour"—that's the mission of the Let’s Colour Project, a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces into vibrantly colored ones in communities around the world. The following Let's Colour campaign film, Dulux Walls, was shot by multi-award winning director Adam Berg over four weeks in Brazil, France, London and India. The locations are real and the people are not actors, but volunteers from all over the globe who transformed the grey surroundings using a palette of 120 vibrant colors of paint. As an artist, these images inspire me to paint all the walls in my house—inside and out—someday when I'm rent-free... [via The Daily Wh.at]

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