0 The Perfect Shape + The Perfect Sauce = The Geometry of Pasta

The Geometry of Pasta, cookbook, Caz Hildebrand, Jacob Kennedy
The perfect book for pasta lovers...like me (hint, hint)! [Photo credit: The Import]
The most appetizing cookbooks have amazing full-color photos of the food that make you just want to lick the pages. But an unconventional new cookbook, The Geometry of Pasta, relies only on the simple black and white illustrations of graphic designer Caz Hildebrand.

Co-author and chef Jacob Kennedy, owner of London's renowned Bocca di Lupo, says he wanted to create a cookbook that was not dependent on photographs, but which concentrated on the form of the pasta shapes. The Geometry of Pasta hopes to teach readers how to develop an instinct for matching pasta and sauce, in order to maximize taste and texture.

For a taste of the book, watch the video below and visit The Geometry of Pasta website. From cavatappi to tortellini, the site illustrates over 100 pasta shapes drawn to scale, along with a brief history of each and suggestions for complementary sauces. [via Telegraph]

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