0 That's a Flippin' Huge Burger!

world's largest burger, Australia, world record
Weighing in at 200 pounds, that's one whopper of a cheeseburger! [Photo credit: The Sun]
Waiting twelve hours for a burger to cook seems unfathomable. But when the patty itself is 178 pounds, it takes just a bit longer to make sure it's cooked through the middle. An Australian cafe is claiming to have set a world record for creating the giant burger, complete with 180 pounds of mince, 120 eggs, 120 slices of cheese, 16 tomatoes, more than 4 pounds of lettuce, and a pound of special sauce, all on a 46-pound sesame bun. It took four men to flip the burger, which was later enjoyed by employees at the cafe. [via The Daily Telegraph]

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