0 Want to be Willy Wonka for a Day?

Hershey's chocolate, Create Your Own Candy Bar
Oompa loompa doompadee doo, Hershey's chocolates created by you. [Photo credit: PennLive.com]
Those lucky enough to visit Hershey, Pennsylvania have a chance to become Willy Wonka for a day.

On Saturday, Hershey's Chocolate World will welcome the public into their newest hands-on attraction—Create Your Own Candy Bar. The half-hour experience is $14.95 and begins with guests dressing up in authentic factory aprons and hairnets. Next, visitors can choose from ingredients like graham crackers crumbs, crisped rice, blueberry fruit gels (gross!), chocolate cookie bits, vanilla chips and rainbow jimmies to include in their personalized bars, which are then drenched in pure Hershey's milk chocolate. After the bar cools, it's sealed and personalized with custom packaging that guests design.

Take the virtual attraction tour here (try not to drool on your monitor)

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