0 NPR Sunday Puzzle: A Port of Call

NPR Sunday Puzzle, Will Shortz
Here's the answer to last week's (June 13) NPR Sunday Puzzle:

Answer: The first two letters of the first and last name are in alphabetical order first to last name. For example, Christian Dior, C-D, H-I. Of the five names given, only Richard Simmons did not have this quality.

(I submitted Stanley Tucci as another name with this property. Did you think of any others?)
NPR Sunday Puzzle for June 20:
Think of a product for sale at a hardware store. It's a generic two-word name. Replace the first letter of the first word with an S, and replace the first two letters of the second word with an S, and the result will be two new words that are opposites. What are they?
Submit your answer to NPR for a chance to be on next week's broadcast and be sure to visit Jenny's Noodle next Sunday to see the correct answer!

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