0 NPR Sunday Puzzle: Master of Ceremonies

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As promised, here's the answer to last week's (June 6) NPR Sunday Puzzle all about Spoonerisms:

Answer: Shake well, wake shell 

Did you get it right? I submitted my answer to NPR for the first time last week; unfortunately no call—shocker—but I'm going to keep trying!
NPR Sunday Puzzle for June 13:
Write down the following five names: Christian Dior, Anne Boleyn, Edna Ferber, Indiana Jones and Richard Simmons. The first four names have something unusual in common that the fifth name does not. What is it? Give another name that shares this property. Hint: It's a property that only a few names have. To show that you have the right answer, think of another name that shares the same property. Any name that shares the property will be considered correct.
(Hint: Careful with this one. I thought I had the answer right away, but then I took another look at the criteria...only four of the five names share the common property, not all five.)
Submit your answer to NPR for a chance to be on next week's broadcast and be sure to visit Jenny's Noodle next Sunday to see the correct answer!

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