0 Game, Set, Match...Finally!

Wimbledon, John Isner
June 24, 2010: John Isner wins the longest tennis match in history at Wimbledon. Photo credit: Suzanne Plunkett
After 11 hours and 5 minutes—played over 3 days—American John Isner beat Frenchman Nicolas Mahut in the longest tennis match ever recorded. It happened at the prestigious annual Wimbledon tournament in London. The final score after 5 grueling sets was 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68. My feet hurt just thinking about it.

Another man, Mohamed Lahyani of Sweden, also entered the history books today, as the umpire who presided over the longest match in tennis history.

"It has been quite amazing to be involved with such an extraordinary match," Lahyani told the AP. "I can't imagine seeing another one like it in my lifetime."

Quite an accomplishment. And after such a strenuous workout and burning so many calories, I would be especially excited for the celebration meal. Wonder what they'll have...

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