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Unsuck-It takes highfalutin business jargon and translates it into plain English. In other words, it has the power to convert you from being a Bill Lumburgh into a Peter Gibbons.

Some examples:

Noodle, as in "That design doesn’t work; go back and noodle on it."
Unsucked: Think it out.

Circle Back, as in "Let’s circle back in a week when we better understand all the protocols."
Unsucked: Revisit or discuss later.

End of Week (EOW), as in "I need this by EOW."
Unsucked: End of this Friday.

Get the Ball Rolling, as in "I need you to get the ball rolling on determining our social media strategy."
Unsucked: Start a task or project.

Interject, as in "Hold on little lady, can I just interject here?"
Unsucked: Interrupt whatever you’re saying to show you I was raised by wolves.

A good portion of the "pre-unsucked" corporate-speak list of terms are used in my office—why can't people just use plain English? Test out the Unsuck-It word generator for yourself here.

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