0 Wikipedia Had to 'Regulate': A Lyrical Analysis

Nate Dogg and Warren G, Regulate cd cover
Back in the G-Funk Era (circa 1994), Nate Dogg and Warren G had THE jam with Regulate. I spent hours memorizing all of the lyrics but I never quite thought about what they meant; actually I never thought about it at all. I just considered myself cool because I could sing along.

The information one can obtain via Wikipedia never ceases to amaze, including the following articulate analysis of the song lyrics.

It was a clear black night, a clear white moon
Warren G was on the streets, trying to consume
some skirts for the eve, so I can get some funk
just rollin' in my ride, chillin' all alone

On a cool, clear night (typical to Southern California) Warren G travels through his neighborhood, searching for women with whom he might initiate sexual intercourse. He has chosen to engage in this pursuit alone.

Just hit the Eastside of the LBC
on a mission trying to find Mr. Warren G.
Seen a car full of girls ain't no need to tweak
all you skirts know what's up with 213

Nate Dogg, having just arrived in Long Beach, seeks Warren. On his way to find Warren, Nate passes a car full of women who are excited to see him. Regardless, he insists to the women that there is no cause for excitement.

So I hooks a left on the 21 and Lewis
some brothas shootin' dice so I said "Let's do this"
I jumped out the ride, and said "What's up?"
some brothas pulled some gats so I said "I'm stuck."

Warren makes a left turn at 21st Street and Lewis Ave, where he sees a group of young men enjoying a game of dice together. He parks his car and greets them. He is excited to find people to play with, but to his chagrin, he discovers they intend to relieve him of his material possessions. Once the hopeful thieves reveal their firearms, Warren realizes he is in a less than favorable predicament.

Since these girls peepin' me I'ma glide and swerve
these hookers lookin' so hard they straight hit the curb
Won'tcha think of better things than some horny tricks
I see my homey and some suckers all in his mix

Meanwhile, Nate passes the women, as they are low on his list of priorities. His primary concern is locating Warren. After curtly casting away the strumpets (whose interest in Nate was such that they crashed their automobile), he serendipitously stumbles upon his friend, Warren G, being held up by the young miscreants.
I'm gettin' jacked, I'm breakin' myself
I can't believe they taking Warren's wealth
they took my rings, they took my Rolex
I looked at the brotha said "Damn, what's next?"

Warren, unaware that Nate is surreptitiously observing the scene unfold, is in disbelief that he's being robbed. The perpetrators have taken jewelry and a name brand designer watch from Warren, who is so incredulous that he asks what else the robbers intend to steal. This is most likely a rhetorical question.
Read the rest of the synopsis at Wikipedia, and here's the video so you can sing along...

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